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    What are the equipment-based treatments in catalyst regeneration loading?

    具体包括:某些基础缺陷的补修,重型设备基础的预压试验与沉陷观测以及基础表面的掺麻工作。 The treatment of the equipment foundation in the catalyst regeneration loading includes those? Specific include: repair of some basic defects, pre-stress test and subsidence observation of heavy equipment foundation, and the work of hemp mixing on the foundation surface.

    基础的补修: Repair of catalyst regeneration equipment foundation:

    1. When the foundation elevation does not match: If the foundation elevation exceeds the requirements, use a shovel to shovel lower: if it fails to meet the requirements, you can shovel the hemp surface on the original foundation, and then refill a layer of concrete.

    2. When there is a deviation in the center of the foundation: If the deviation is too large, change the position of the anchor bolt to remedy.

    3. When the anchor bolt has deviation:

    1. Center deviation. 錾 Remove the concrete around the anchor bolts, and keep the depth of about (8 ~ 15) d, and then treat them differently according to different situations: the diameter of the anchor bolts is below 24 ~ 30mm, and the center deviation is within 10mm. Roast red (cherry red, about 850 ℃), then bend with a sledgehammer or jack with a jack: it can also be corrected with a screw hook; if the diameter of the anchor bolt is greater than 30mm, it should be reinforced with a welding plate after correction.

    2. Center distance deviation. First scoop out the concrete around the anchor bolts and keep the deep pit of (8 ~ 15) d, then bake the red bolt rod, bend it with a sledgehammer, and reinforce it with steel plates. This is called the pad bending method. In addition, the bolts can be cut Welding a section of channel steel, and then welding two new bolts on the channel steel according to the center distance requirement, is called the transition frame method.

    After the deviation of the center or center distance of the anchor bolt is dealt with, the deep pits that are around it should be filled with concrete. In addition, the purpose of steel plate reinforcement is to prevent the straightening of the anchor bolts when tightened.

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