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    Do you know the precautions for catalyst secret filling?

    Do you know the precautions for catalyst dense item loading? The catalysts in many chemical fields such as coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry are very common. The purpose of using catalyst is to save energy and improve yield. So how to make greater use of the effectiveness of catalysts and catalysts has become a top priority for many companies. There is no big barrier in the current information society such as catalyst technology innovation and creation worldwide. In addition, each plant is willing to invest more in the application of new catalysts in order to expect better economic benefits. Therefore, on the basis of the approximately the same catalyst efficacy, the dense loading technology was born to operate, which is to install as many catalysts as possible in the effective space. Of course, the premise is not to increase additional industrial consumption and not cause damage to the device. How to achieve reasonable filling to get more product yields?

    Based on the company's past research and development, production, and manufacture of various catalysts, we have focused more on the rational use of catalysts and exerted their maximum effectiveness. Hydraulic, electric, gravitation, and dense item filling instruments. A large amount of radial and axial loading data of the catalyst has been accumulated.

    1.How to avoid excessive energy consumption?

    2. How to cooperate with the maintenance season of the entire section?

    3.How to prevent harm to the device?

    4.How much loading capacity can give the device 100% efficacy without causing side effects?

    Methanol synthesis, methanation synthesis, hydrogenation, hydrogen production, reforming, conversion, conversion, sulfur recovery, molecular sieve, purification catalyst catalyst loading and unloading, anaerobic skimming, preservation under nitrogen protection, adjustment, handling, and blockage of pipes We have the ability to handle any questions you may have about the use of the catalyst.

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