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    What should I pay attention to when loading the catalyst?

    供应催化剂器外再生、催化剂装卸、装卸剂等,欢迎有需要的顾客联系我们。 What do I need to pay attention to when loading the catalyst? Supply catalyst regeneration, catalyst loading and unloading, loading and unloading agents, etc. Welcome customers who need it to contact us. Now let's talk about what needs to be paid attention to when loading the catalyst?

    UNIDENSE ™ technology is a traditional "sock" loading method where the catalyst is used to load the main furnace tube which is so complicated and so fast. The catalyst is slowly filled into the tube through a specially designed funnel and a loading rope is gradually pulled out of the tube as the catalyst layer builds. Brushes and flexible springs reduce the speed of catalyst particles in order to avoid breakage. With UNIDENSE ™ technology, the catalyst particles will have the lowest brush free fall on the catalyst surface. This gives "low-intensity" filled particles to rest before being interlocked by other particles. Therefore, there will be no risk of bridging, and the vibration of the pipe is unnecessary. The UNIDENSE ™ technology ensures a uniform density over the entire length of the tube without the use of additional void fillers and a high height. The catalyst is charged from the barrel, avoiding time consuming and expensive catalyst soaking. It is not necessary to weigh the catalyst contained in each test tube.

    When you need catalyst regeneration, catalyst loading and unloading, do not forget us! Welcome new and old customers to discuss cooperation, if you have any questions, welcome to consult, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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