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The hot-air circulation and forced hot-air convection are used to quickly dry the honeycomb catalyst after the first-stage drying according to the drying curve required by the process.
The drying curve of the drying kiln can be adjusted according to the product requirements, and the temperature control accuracy of each measuring point does not exceed ± 5 ° C. Through a reasonable organization of air flow through the honeycomb cavity of the product, the product is evenly heated and dried. The temperature and pressure of the entire drying process can be empty, which can effectively control the temperature curve during the drying process of the product and make the product quality stable.
1. The equipment includes the following sub-systems: body structure, circulating air system, steam heating and air supply system, exhaust gas system, product delivery system, and automatic control system.
2. The body of the equipment adopts metal profile as frame, and is equipped with lightweight polyurethane insulation board outside.
3. The hot air circulation system and passageway are set up on the two sides of the product. Each 2 car spaces are a circulation area with a total of 6 zones. The circulation fan corresponding to each dry car is used to make the hot air penetrate the honeycomb space of the product reasonably For heating and drying, a reasonable diffuser hood is adopted at the air inlet to guide the hot air through the product hole to ensure uniform ventilation of the product loaded on the bicycle. And the product can be heated for a reasonable number of cycles, which is conducive to energy saving.
4. The exhaust gas exhaust system adopts an independent induced draft fan 5.5KW and the supporting pipeline system, and the waste emission adopts multi-point extraction and centralized emission methods.
Effect: After secondary drying, the moisture content of the catalyst is controlled within 2%, which is convenient for calcination.

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