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Hot air circulation and wind cone wind are used to dry the honeycomb catalyst wet billet with the drying curve required by the process.
Brief description of working conditions:
1.Drying system
1.1 During the drying process of this catalyst product, the drying system requires the drying curve to dry slowly under the condition of hot air with a certain humidity and temperature. As the product is continuously heated, the water gradually evaporates and discharges, and the humidity in the kiln Of controlled variables. Temperature and humidity detection and closed loop control.
1.2 Drying adopts steam air or electric heating method to control the humidity of the circulating air to meet the requirements of the drying curve.
1.3 Drying air is extracted by centrifugal ventilator and sent into the drying room after heat exchange, and then recycled. After the heat exchange, it is delivered to the bottom of the kiln side through the pipeline. A number of small holes are opened on the wind cone, and a tuyere baffle is set so that the hot air can be evenly distributed in the drying room to achieve the temperature and humidity uniformity required for drying. Tide vents and spray humidification systems are set on the air external circulation pipes. The temperature and humidity detection points in the kiln feed back signals to the PLC to automatically adjust the temperature and humidity of the input air to achieve the conditions required for product drying.
2. Control system <br /> The control system of the drying room mainly includes temperature, humidity and hot air circulation. The control system adopts industrial computer + PLC control system, which independently realizes equipment control. Including power control, temperature control, pressure control, safety control, etc.
2.1 Temperature control is to collect the hot air temperature signal from the heat exchanger outlet through the thermal resistance, and control the power of the electric heater to control the temperature of the hot air flowing through the heat exchanger. The product is sent to the drying room to heat the product. The temperature and humidity detection device and electric heat exchanger realize closed-loop control to achieve the purpose of controlling the temperature to be consistent with the product temperature. The industrial computer control system is used to set the heating curve so that the product is heated and dried at the specified heating rate.
2.2 Humidity control is to collect the humidity signal of the air in the drying room through the humidity sensor, send it to the industrial computer control system, and compare it with the set humidity curve, and output the control signal to control the opening degree of the humidification device and adjust the temperature into the hot air duct. The amount of water vapor. When the indoor humidity is too high, stop spray humidification, open the dehumidification door to circulate dehumidification, and adjust the indoor humidity to meet the curve setting requirements through closed-loop adjustment. When the indoor humidity is too low, close the dehumidification valve, open the spray humidification, and make the indoor humidity meet the set curve requirements through closed-loop adjustment.
2.3 The control of hot air circulation is to circulate the dry indoor air through a circulating fan, then mix it with the heated hot air in the conveying pipe, heat it, and then flow it into the room to heat the product, and circulate continuously to make the product evenly heated.

Effect : After the first-stage drying is completed, the moisture content of the catalyst is controlled at 12-26%.

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