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Ceramic roller kiln

The cross section is widened from the traditional 2.2 meters to 4.5-5 meters, with a maximum length of 300 meters. The 90-degree steering automatically runs, and the speed of the kiln car is shortened from 15 minutes to 3 minutes each time. Induction frequency conversion automatic adjustment technology, the temperature difference is controlled at plus or minus 3 degrees; the rapid cooling section adopts a new type of heat exchange device, and the heated air is used to assist combustion; compared with traditional kiln, it can save more than 6% of energy and gas, and save about 25% of electricity, which improves production efficiency Double.
The production process is highly mechanized, the labor intensity is low, the number of employees is small, and the production cost is reduced.
According to the different needs of customers, different furnace types can be designed.

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